About Your Instructor


Hello, Glow Genius! I'm Sienna Iadevaia, a licensed esthetician with over two decades of experience in the beauty industry. I am a proud wife and mother of two, and my journey in esthetics has been fueled by an unwavering passion for skincare and beauty.

From the early days of my career, I juggled roles as an esthetician and makeup artist with a fervor for education. I started as a Trucco Design Artist and soon advanced to Regional Educator for prestigious brands such as Pharmagel Pharmaceutical Skin Care and Youngblood PRO Makeup.

In 2007, I transformed my passion into a full-time profession, launching my own business within a charming hair salon. By 2013, I had evolved into a more sophisticated spa setting, continuously enhancing my expertise to deliver exceptional client experiences.

In 2020, just weeks before the pandemic hit, I took a bold step and opened my own business. Despite the challenging times, I achieved six-figure revenues by the end of the year!

Now, at Digital Glow Academy, I am devoted to mentoring aspiring estheticians. I believe that with dedication and hard work, success is within your reach. Let's unlock your full potential together!




Have questions? I absolutely love connecting with other passionate professionals!

Email: [email protected]